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Q: What is the absolute pressure of -0.2 bar?
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How much electricity required to develop 1 bar pressure in a compressor?

None! A tank at atmospheric pressure already has an absolute pressure of 1.013 bar.

Difference between bar and barg?

The 'g' added on to bar means 'gauge', as opposed to bara, meaning 'absolute'. The 'zero' of a normal gauge is normally set at atmospheric pressure (things like tire pressure gauges, water gauges etc.) These gauges will read as "10 bar" but really mean that the absolute pressure is 10 bar + atmospheric pressure (~1.01325 bar). Some gauges however are absolute gauges. These might include weather gauges, or gauges on closed processes. bara = barg + atmospheric pressure

What is one atmosphere?

A pressure measurement, in comparison to atmospheric pressure on Earth, at sea level, near sea level, at standard temperature, usually expressing an absolute pressure (but does not have to be). 1 atmosphere absolute = 1.01325 bar absolute 1 atmosphere absolute = 101,325 pascal absolute 1 atmosphere absolute = 14.69595 psi absolute

What depth equals 100 bar?

If you mean in the ocean, approximately every 10 meters pressure increases by 1 bar. Assuming you want absolute pressure, at the surface you already have a pressure of approximately 1 bar - the atmospheric pressure. You can base your calculations on that.

The absolute pressure in the ocean at 53 feet is?

53 feet = 16.154 4 meterthe water pressure at 16.154 4 meters = 1.61544 bars + 1 bar of atmospheric pressure makes the absolute pressure = 2.62 bars.

How do you convert bar to psa?

To convert bar to psia (pounds per square inch absolute), you need to add the atmospheric pressure in psia to the pressure in bar. 1 bar is approximately equal to 14.5038 psia (standard atmospheric pressure at sea level).

Is absolute pressure static pressure?

Yes, absolute pressure is the pressure measured with respect to a vacuum, while static pressure is the pressure exerted by a fluid due to its motion or position. While they are related, they are not the same as static pressure does not take into account the atmospheric pressure.

When was At the Bar created?

At the Bar was created on 2007-02-02.

How do you convert -0.02barG to barA?

To convert from barG (gauge pressure) to barA (absolute pressure), you simply add atmospheric pressure to the gauge pressure. Assuming standard atmospheric pressure is around 1 bar, the conversion would be -0.02 barG + 1 bar = 0.98 barA.

How do you convert 345 kpa to barg?

To convert kilopascals (kPa) to bar gauge (barg), subtract the atmospheric pressure (typically around 101.3 kPa) from the given pressure. In this case, 345 kPa - 101.3 kPa = 243.7 kPa absolute. Then, convert the absolute pressure to barg by dividing by 100, as 1 bar = 100 kPa. Therefore, 243.7 kPa / 100 = 2.437 barg.

Abbreviation for manifold absolute pressure?

The Abbreviation for Manifold Absolute pressure is MAP.

What is absolute pressure?

Absolute pressure is simply the addition of the observed gage pressure plus the value of the local atmospheric pressure.