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The average human body height to arm span ratio is approximately one to one. The arm to body ratio in a human is two to one.

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Q: What is the acerage human arm to body ratio?
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What is the ratio of the human thumb to the length of arm?

The ratio of the human thumb to the length of the arm is usually 1 to 15. The thumb's length can fit into the size of the arm an approximately 15 times or more.

Is there a Part of the human body that starts with A?

The arm

How many muscles does the human arm have?

there about 50 muscles in your arm and hand and i don't know how many are in the sholder

What percent of the human body is an arm?

Nine percent.

What human body part that is capable of contracting?

Muscles are capable of contracting in the human body. This allows movement, support of body structures, and distribution of substances throughout the body.

What human body part is the Radius?

The radius is one of the bones of the human arm.

What is the bone that is broken the most in the human body?

yo arm

How many muscles are in the youth human body?

600to 650 are in the youth human body counting the arm and leg muscles.

What are the three-lettered human body parts?

ear leg arm

Where in the human body would you find a humerus?

It is the bone in your upper arm.

Which body part of a bat is most like a human arm?

The wing of a bat is most similar to a human arm in terms of its bone structure, as both have similar bone segments (humerus, radius, and ulna) despite being adapted for different functions.

Which pulse site on the human body is located under the arm?

The pulse site under the arm is called the brachial artery pulse. It is located on the inner aspect of the upper arm, midway between the shoulder and elbow.