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Q: What is the answer to Julian ran 3 one and one eighth miles Jordan ran 2 one half times farther than Julian how far did Jordan run?
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What is farther 69.3 miles or 59.3 miles?

69.3 miles is farther than 59.3 miles is.

How many acres in one eighth by one eighth miles?


Which is farther 500 kilometers or 500 miles?

500 miles is farther than 500 kilometers.

What is the size of Jordan in square miles?

Jordan is approximately 34,495 square miles in size.

How many square miles is Jordan?

Jordan is 34,445 square miles

What is 5 eighth of a mile?

One eighth of a mile is equivalent to 0.125 miles.

How many square miles in Jordan?

Jordan has a total land area of approximately 35,637 square miles.

Is .15 of a mile the same as an eighth of a mile?

no. 0.125 miles is the same as an eighth of a mile

What is the area in square miles in Jordan?

Jordan is 34,495 sq miles (89,342 km²)

Is it 93 miles from Jordan to Sychar Samaria?

No, it is only about 16 miles to the border with Jordan.

Is 3.5 miles farther than 3.15 miles?


What is the birth name of Miles Simon?

Miles Simon's birth name is Miles Julian Simon.