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Q: What is the answer to round off the number 37649 to 1 sf?
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What is the answer to round off the number 0.0073184 to 1 sf?


What does round to the 1 sf mean?

round to the first significant figure

How many significant figures are in the number 4.00700 and times 1013?

There are 4 sf. The trailing 0s in 4.00700 must be there for a reason and that reason is that they are significant. But, if you multiply a number with 6 sf by a number with 4 sf then the answer can have at most 4 sf.

When is rounding a good idea?

Rounding is a good idea when:one of the components in a sum is given to fewer significant figures. Often, the answer cannot contain more significant figures (sf) than the lowest sf of its components.the exact answer is irrational (or transcendental) and it is impossible not to round the answer.

What is 0.0099996 rounded to the 3 sf?

0.00100 Although the two trailing zeros do not change the value of the number their presence indicates the number of sf.

What s.f. means in math?

significant figures. For any number, the sf is the number of digits from the first non-zero digit to the last non-zero digit. Any zeros within that range ARE counted. So, for example, 1.23000 sf = 3 1.0230 sf = 4 00567.5 sf = 4 5.000000001 sf = 10

What is the square footage of a 12 foot round column with a radius of 18 inches?

18 sf

When a number with one decimal place is rounded to 2 sf it is 64 and rounded to 1 it is 64. what is the largest possible value of the number?

The number cannot be 64 when rounded to 1 sf.

What is the phone number of the Sf Museum And Historical Society in San Francisco California?

The phone number of the Sf Museum And Historical Society is: 415-537-1105.

Who is number 16 on the SF giants?

Angel Pagan

What is 10.1 rounded to the correct number of significant figures?

The rounded value is 10. See also the links below. * * * * * However, there is no such thing as the correct number of significant figures (sf). SF depends on the context as well as the SF of the numbers used to compute the value.

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