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Q: What is the application of maxwell equations?
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Are four maxwell's equations Independent?

No, Maxwell's equations are interacting partial differentials.

How many scaler equations in Maxwell's equations?

Maxwell's equations contain two scalar equations and two vector equations. Gauss' law and Gauss' law for magnetism are the scalar equations. The Maxwell-Faraday equation and Ampere's circuital law are the vector equations.

Why maxwell equations are called so?

James Clerk Maxwell set them out

What did James clerk maxwell discovered?

maxwell was good at making mathamatical equations

Why do you remember James Clerk Maxwell?

James Clerk Maxwell is the author of the Maxwell equations, which are fundamental to our understanding of electromagnetism.

How do you derive the Helmholtz equation from Maxwell's equations?

Considering Maxwell equations and contitutive relations. See pag.18 of principles of nano-optics, Lucas Novotny.

How do magnetism and electricity interact?

According to Maxwell's Equations.

What is the science behind ferromagnetism?

Maxwell's equations ... electro-magnetism.

How will you prove the validity of Kirchhoff's laws?

Using Maxwell's Equations.

Who devised the set of four equations that explain the propagation of electromagnetic waves?

Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell formulated the set of four fundamental equations, known as Maxwell's equations, that describe how electric and magnetic fields interact and propagate as electromagnetic waves. These equations are the foundation of classical electromagnetism and played a crucial role in the development of modern physics.

What is an explanation for electromagnetic waves?

Maxwell's four equations of electricity and magnetism are.

Who was the English physicist who proposed the electromagnetic theory?

James Clerk Maxwell was the English physicist who proposed the electromagnetic theory. He formulated a set of equations known as Maxwell's equations, which describe how electric and magnetic fields interact. His work laid the foundation for our understanding of electromagnetism.