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Area is quadrupled (*4) and perimeter is doubled.

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Q: What is the area and perimeter of a triangle if its dimensions are doubled?
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How would doubling the dimensions effect a parallelogram in perimeter and area?

When all of the linear dimensions are doubled . . .-- the perimeter is also doubled-- the area is multiplied by 22 = 4.

What would happen to the area of a triangle when both dimensions are doubled?

If both dimensions are doubled then the area is quadrupled. This is true of any geometric shape.

If the height and the base of a triangle are doubled what happens to the area?

If the linear dimensions are doubled, the area is multiplied by (2)2 = 4 .

What is the effect on the perimeter of a rectangle if the dimension are doubled what is the effect on its area?

Let's take a look at this problem.Rectangle Perimeter = 2(l + w)Rectangle Perimeter =? 2(2l + 2w)Rectangle Perimeter =? (2)(2)(l + w)2(Rectangle Perimeter) = 2[2(l + w)]Thus, we can say that the perimeter of a rectangle is doubled when its dimensions are doubled.Rectangle Area = lwRectangle Area =? (2l)(2w)Rectangle Area =? 4lw4(Rectangle Area) = 4lwThus, we can say that the area of a rectangle is quadruplicated when its dimensions are doubled.

How does the perimeter and area of a square change when its dimensions change?

A 3 x 3 square has perimeter 12 and area 9 A 6 x 6 square has perimeter 24 and area 36 Double the dimensions, double the perimeter, quadruple the area. Mathematically, a square with side x has a perimeter of 4x and an area of x2 Doubled, a square with side 2x has a perimeter of 8x and an area of 4x2

How does doubling the each dimension of square affect the perimeter and the area of the square?

If you double the dimensions, then the perimeter is doubled. However, the area is quadrupled. For example, let's say that a side of a square is x units. The perimeter would be 4x, and the area x2. Now, let's double the dimension into 2x. Now, the perimeter is 8x, and the area is 4x2. As you can see, the perimeter is doubled and the area is quadrupled.

What shape has an area of 6cm but perimeter of 12cm?

A right angle triangle fits the dimensions given

What is the perimeter of a triangle that has a area of 6.5 cm?

The minimum perimeter is when the triangle is an equilateral triangle. The perimeter of any other triangle with the same area will be longer. In the case of an equilateral triangle area = (√3)/4 × side² → side = √(4×6.5 cm²/√3) → perimeter = 3 × side = 3 × √(4×6.5 cm²/√3) ≈ 11.62 cm → The triangle has a perimeter greater than or equal to approx 11.62 cm.

Sides of traingle giving equal permeter and area?

I am assuming that "traingle" is meant to be triangle and "permeter" is meant to be perimeter.The area of a triangle cannot be equal to its perimeter because the area is a measure in 2-dimensional space whereas a perimeter is a 1-dimensional measure. So their dimensions will always be different.Furthermore, the area of a triangle is not determined by its perimeter. The area of a triangle can be changed - without affecting its perimeter - simply by changing the angles.

Are area and perimeter dimensions?

area 63 and perimeter is 32

What is the area of a triangle that has a perimeter of 37?

The perimeter of a triangle does not provide sufficient information to calculate its area.

If the sides of a triangle are doubled then the area becomes?

If the sides of a triangle are doubled then the area becomes quadrupled (four times as large).

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