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You need to know the length and width of the desk before you can determine the area. Multiply the length by the width to get your answer (length x width = area).

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Q: What is the area of a desk?
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Does the surface of your desk describe area or perimeter?


The surface of a desk is 42 inches long and 24 inches wide what is the area of the desk?


What type of desk is best for small spaces?

Get a corner desk if you need a lot of space in a minimal area.

What is a barrel desk?

a barrel desk has a tambour that is solid, not like a rolltop desk that has a tambour made of slats. the typical barrel desk will have several little cubby holes like a rolltop desk would have. there are some that are quite small and then others are rather large and have a lot of room in them. mine has a writing area that actually slides forward and provides significantly more work area than a rolltop desk.

What is the front desk in hotel?

the reception area-where you register as a guest

How wide is the rectangle the area of the rectangle is 42 the rectangle is 7 inches how wide is the rectangle?

The area of Josephโ€™s rectangular homework desk is 1,008 square inches. If the length of his desk is 42 inches, how wide is his desk?

RAM is a computer's storage area?

Random Access Memory is the work desk of the computer storage area.

What is hotel lobby area?

it is where you check in and out . Usually holds a couch or a sitting area as well as the reception desk.

What is the meaning of help desk web based?

A help desk refers to an area where one can find support for products. When it is web based, it means the help desk is located on the internet. This type of help desk is becoming more popular with companies.

What kind of corner computer desk do I need for my small room?

The type of corner computer desk that one might need will greatly depend on the size of your room as well as the type of computer. I ones computer is a desk top the desk may need to be larger than if a laptop is being used. The best way to determine the size of the desk that is needed is to measure the area that has been decided on as the computer area.

Gorgeous and Sturdy Brass Desk Lamp?

By putting a brass desk lamp on your desk, you will find that the lighting around the area increases. This causes there to be less strain on your eyes whenever you are reading something.

What is the registration area of a hotel called?

One registers in the lobby at the front desk .

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