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Q: What is the area of the polygon below 10 9 6 and 12?
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A what is 12 and 10 sided polygon called?

A 10-sided polygon is a decagon. A 12-sided polygon is a dodecagon.

What is a 9 10 11 and 12 sided polygon?

the 12 side polygon is called dodecagon

How many triangles does a 12 sided polygon have?

There are 10

What is a description of a decagon?

a 12 sided polygon!:) * * * * * Oh dear! A 12 sided polygon is a dodecagon, not a decagon. The correct answer is 10 sides.

What is the area of a polygon with sides of 13 12 3 10?

The lengths of sides of any polygon with more than 3 sides do not provide enough information to calculate the area. For example, a square can be skewed into a rhombus which can then be made so thin that its area is [asymptotically] equal to 0.

What is the area of dudecagon?

The formula to find the area of a dodecagon (12-sided polygon) is (apothem x perimeter)/2.

How do you draw a polygon 12 inches on base and 10 inches high?

It depends on how many sides the polygon is meant to have!

How many points does a decagon have?

12 points * * * * * A decagon has 10 vertices (points) and 10 sides. A polygon with 12 is a dodecagon.

What is the sum of the interior angles of a polygon that has 12 sides?

The interior angles of a 12 sided polygon add up to 1800 degrees

What is the area of a regular decagon whose side is 1.2 and whose apothem is 1.85?

Area of a regular polygon equals to the one half of the product of its perimeter with the apothem. So we have: A = (1/2)(a)(P) Since our polygon has 10 sides each with length 1.2, the perimeter is 12 910 x 1.2). Substitute 12 for the perimeter, and 1.85 for the apothem in the area formula: A = (1/2)(a)(P) A = (1/2)(1.85)(12) A = 11.1 Thus, the area of the decagon is 11.1.

What is a Polygon with 12 side?

A polygon with 12 sides is called a dodecagon

What is the name the 12 sided polygon?

The name of a 12 sided polygon is Dodecagon.