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Q: What is the area of the rectangle if it is 9cm long and 7cm wide?
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Does a rectangle 7cm long have an area of 21cm?

Only if it's 3cm high!

What is the area of a 5cm by 7cm rectangle?

35 cm

A rectangle is 7cm wide and 9cm long what is its perimeter?

63 cmPerimeter = 2 x (Length + Width) = 2 x (9cm + 7cm) = 2 x 16cm = 32cm

What is the area of a rectangle with 7cm and 3.5?

24.5 cm sq

What is the area of a rectangle with width 7cm and length 9cm?

7cm x 9cm= 63 sq.cms

What is the area of a rectangle that measures 7 centimeters by 8 centimeters?

The area for a 7cm by 8cm is 56.

What is the area of 7 cm long and 4 cm wide?

Area= length x width. Therefore, Area= 7cm x 4cm=28cm squared.

What is the area of a rectangle that has a width of 7cm and a length of 4 cm?

It is: 4*7 = 28 square cm

What is the area of a 7cm square?

area= 7cm x 7cm = 49cm^2

What is the area of a triangle that is 8 cm 13 cm 7 cm?

What is the are for a rectangle of 13cm and 7cm

What is perimeter and area called in mathematics?

The perimeter is the addition of the all the sides of the shape. For example if a rectangle has two sides which are 4cm and two sides which are 7cm, then the perimeter will be 4cm+4cm+7cm+7cm. The perimeter would therefore be 22cm. The area of a shape is gotten by multiplying the length and breadth of the shape. For example, in a rectangle witrh the same measurements above, the area will be 4cm x 7cm and that would 28cm. You have to use the square sign but I can't do that here.

What is the area of a rectangle with the sides of 7 cm and 3.5 cm?

The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying the length by the width. 7cm x 3.5cm = 24.5 cm2 - cm2 = centimeters squared

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