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area of a circle is pi times radius squared.

the radius is 11 feet. the area ofthe circle would be 380ft2

since it is a half circle you take half of 380...

your answer is 190ft2

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2011-03-15 12:08:27
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Q: What is the area to a half circle that is 22 feet in diameter?
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How man square feet in a 21ft diameter circle?

The area of a circle is PI times the radius squared. If the diameter is 21 feet, the radius is half that or 10.5 feet. Area = PI * 10.5 * 10.5 = 346.36059 square feet

Will something with the diameter of 25 feet fit into a circle with an area of 11.5 feet?

No, area of a circle is pi x radius x radius Radius is half the diameter. So the diameter of something giving 11.5 square feet as an area, must be much much smaller.

How many square feet in a circle that is 15 feet in diameter?

Area of a circle is PI times the square of the radius (half the diameter). 3.1415 x (7.5 squared) = about 176.7 square feet

What is the area of a circle with a diameter of 27 feet?

The Area of a circle = pi x r x r where pi = 3.14 and r is half the diameter or 13.5 feet A = 3.14 X 13.5 X 13.5 = 572.3 sq. feet

The Diameter of the circle was 4 feet what is the area?

First find out the radius (it is simply half the diameter). Then use the formula area = pi x radius2.

If the diameter of a circle is 8 feet what is its radius?

4 feet. The radius is half the diameter.

What is the formula for the area of a circle with a diameter?

The general formula for the area of a circle is pi times the radius squared. The radius is half the diameter, so the area is pi times half the diameter times half the diameter again.

What is the area of a circle if it has a diameter which is 18 feet long?

The area of a circle is equal to πr2 where π (pi) is equal to approximately 3.142 and r represents the radius of the circle. Because the question gives you the diameter and not the radius you have to use the measurement of the diameter to calculate the radius. Remember that the radius is equal to half the diameter. So if the diameter is equal to 18 feet, then the radius of this particular circle is equal to 9 feet. Plugging this into our equation for area we get: area = π(92) area = 3.142(81) area = about 254.5 ft2 (don't forget that the answer is in squared feet not just feet)

What is the area in square feet of a 70 foot circle?

The area of any circle is determined by the formula: A = πr2 where A is the area, π is "pi", the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (approximately 3.1416), and r is the radius of a circle, or half its diameter. If your diameter is 70 feet, the radius is 35 feet. So, ... A = πr2 = (app) 3.1416 x 352 = (app) 3,848 square feet, or about 0.09 acres.

What is the radius of a circle if its 50 feet wide?

If a circle is 50 feet wide, that means its diameter is 50 feet. The radius of a circle is half the diameter, therefore the answer is 25 feet.

What is the Diameter of circle with a area?

the diameter is the length across the circle, the area is pie r squared r is radius, which is half of the diameter

If the radius of a circle is 8 feet what is the diameter?

Diameter is 16. The radius is half its diameter

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