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Q: What is the average speed of a vehicle travelling 45km in 30 minutes?
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What is the average speed of a car travelling 2.5 miles in 3 minutes?


How do rate the speed of a train to minutes?

Speed is expressed as a ratio of distance and time. The distance is usually measured in kilometers or miles. The length of time is usually one hour. Therefore, a vehicle could be travelling at, for example, 60 miles (distance) per hour (time). Suppose you want to convert the speed of the vehicle travelling at 60 miles per hour (m/hr), to find out how far the vehicle will travel in a different unit of time, for example a minute instead of an hour. All you have to do is convert the hour to minutes, and divide the speed by that number. Divide the speed (60) by the minutes in an hour hour (60) and the result is 1. In this example, the vehicle's speed is one mile per minute. (This was an easy example because, coincidentally, the vehicle is travelling at 60 m/hr and there are 60 minutes in an hour.)

How far can you get in 5 minutes?

It depends on what speed you are travelling.

How far is 20miles in minutes?

It all depends on the speed at which you are travelling

How many minutes for 1.2 km?

It depends on the speed at which you are travelling.

What tells you the distance a car has traveled?

In a car the Odometer will show you the distance travelled. In mathematics you would need to know the average speed the car was travelling at and the time that it was travelling for. Divide the average speed by 360 to get how many units of distance were covered per second. Muliply this by the number of seconds the car was travelling for. The result will be the distance, in the same unit of distance as the speed was measured in. Example, Average speed = 30km per hour Time = 15 minutes (900 seconds) Distance = (Average Speed/360)*Time = (30/360)*900 = 7.5 (km)

How many minutes away is the mooon?

None or Infinity. What speed are you travelling? Are we walking or travelling the speed of light? Temporal distance is entirely dependant on velocities.

If the distance is 29 kilometers how many minutes is it by car?

That depends at what speed you are travelling.

Does the speedometer on a vehicle show the average speed or instantaneous speed?

The speedometer on a vehicle shows the instantaneous speed, which is the speed of the vehicle at any given moment. It does not display the average speed over a period of time.

What is the average speed of 30km in 48 minutes?

To find the average speed, divide the total distance traveled by the total time taken. In this case, 30 km / 48 min = 0.625 km/min. Therefore, the average speed is 0.625 kilometers per minute.

How long would it take to get to Jupiter from mars travelling at the speed of light?

2 minutes

Driving 12.0 miles is how many minutes?

That depends entirely at what speed you're travelling !