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The answer depends on what the set UR is!

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Q: What is the complement of set UR?
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What is complement of an empty set?

The complement of an empty set is universal set

Is the complement of the complement of a universal set is called a null set?


Is the complement of a set is the set of all things that are in the set true or false?

false, because the complement of a set is the set of all elements that are not in the set.

What is an absolute complement?

An absolute complement is the set which includes exactly the elements belonging to the universal set but not to a given set.

Complement of a set?

The complement of a set S, relative to the universal set U, consists of all elements of U that are not in S.

What is a complement of a subset?

The complement of a subset B within a set A consists of all elements of A which are not in B.

Is null set both a complement and subset of universal set?


What is the meaning of complement set?

they are not the same elements.

Math - the elements of a universe not contained in a given set?

This is called the complement of the set.

What is set operation in math?

The main set operations are: union, intersection and complement.

What does the complement of a set mean?

The complement of a set "A" is another set - call it "B" - that contains all the elements (of the universe under consideration) which are NOT in set "A". The "universe" must be specified (or implied), since concepts like the "set of all sets" are known to cause contradictions. For example, if the universe is all the people living in my country, and set "A" is all male people, then the "complement" would be the female people.

How do you write a conclusion in complement of a set?

add connectives.