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49.8436 to 3 sig fig is 49.8

The 3 digits starting with the first non-zero digit is 49.8

The next digit is 4 which is less than half way to 10, so do not add 1 to last digit (with carry), ie leave answer as 49.8

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Q: What is the correct form of 49.8436 in significant figures?
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What is 0.001 in standard form to the correct 3 significant figures?

0.001 in standard form is 1*10-3. The original number may not be correct to 3 significant figures, but if it is, it should have been written as 0.00100 to indicate the degree of precision. In that case the standard form would be 1.00*10-3.

What is 4566 in standard form correct to 3 significant figures?

i wish i knew! obviously doing the same maths question!

What is the 1500m in two significant figures?

1500m is already in a form with two significant figures.

How do you write standard a form correct to 2 significant figures?

(4.6 x 10)-7 x (7.2 x 1014)

How many significant figures in 7.000 x 10000?

Four, assuming that 7.000 is written in that form to indicate that it has 4 significant figures.

Is 20.10 or . 20.1?

The two mean different things; we couldn't tell you which is correct unless you told us what you were trying to mean.If you want to convey that you're sure of four significant figures, then 20.10 is the correct form.

How do you write -4 in decimal form?

4 is a whole number and can never be a decimal.

What is 1000 in standard exponential form in 2 significant figures?


How do you write 3528005 in scientific form?

3.528005 * 106 - not much of an advantage if you keep to 6 significant figures.

What is the decimal form for 5 over 9?

It is: 5/9 = 0.55555 ..... recurring or as 0.56 to two significant figures

How many significant figures are in 0.040?

Two. There are rules of Significant figure is: RULE #1 - All digits 1 through 9 are significant. RULE #2 - Zero is significant when it is between two non-zero digits. RULE #3 - A terminal zero to the right of a decimal point in a number greater than one is significant. RULE #4 - A terminal zero to the right of a decimal point in a number less than one is significant. RULE #5 - A zero used to fix a decimal point in a number less than one is not significant. by Salim Reza

What is 7 to the power of 107?

1) How did you come across such a big number?2) In 10 significant figures, the scientific form of the answer = 2.663730488x1090