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Q: What is the decimal form for two and three hundredth?
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What is ten and two over three in decimal form?

10 2/3 in decimal form is 10.67. The 6 is actually a repeating number when 2 is divided by 3, so the answer is rounded to the nearest hundredth.

What is two and fifty eight one-hundredth?

Two and fifty-eight hundredths = 2.58 in decimal form.

What is the hundredth place for 0.3?

In 0.30 the hundredth place is the zero directly to the right of the three, in this case. The hundredth place is always two place to the right of the decimal point.

Can you write the standard form decimal of 2.35 in word form?

Two and thirty five hundredths.

What is the decimal for two hundredth?


How do you write one and thirty two hundredth?

1.32 'and' represents the decimal and hundredth is two places from the decimal point.

How do you write three hundred forty-two thousands in decimal form?

Three hundred forty-two thousands in decimal form is 342,000

What is three and two-tenths in decimal form?


What is three and two tenths in decimal form?


How do you change 710 to a decimal and round to the nearest hundredth?

To change 710 to a decimal, divide it by 100. The result is 7.1. Rounding it to the nearest hundredth means keeping two decimal places, so the rounded decimal form of 710 is 7.10.

What is seven tenths and two hundredth as a decimal?


What does it mean to the nearest hundredth?

It has to do with decimal places in a number. The hundredth is two decimal places. In the number 123.45, the 5 is in the hundredth spot. Then to round to the nearest means rounding to two places. Rounding 0.24649 becomes 0.25.