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a whole number with a fraction


3 2/8

4 9/12

7 17/1209

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Q: What is the definition for mixed number?
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What is the definition of a mixed number?

A mixed number is a whole number and a fraction. It can be rewritten as an improper fraction.

What is the definition of mixed number?


How do you write 0.008 into a mixed number?

You don't. By definition, only a number greater than one can be written as a "mixed number".

What is the definition for a number that is made up of a whole number and a fraction?

It is a mixed number

Why a mixed numbers is not in the set of integers?

By definition, a mixed number contains a fractional part. Also, by definition, an integer does not have a fractional part.

What is 120 as a mixed number?

I think you need to seriously change your definition of a mixed number.23 1/3 is a mixed number, you butt fart. 120 is a WHOLE NUMBER.

What is the word for the definition of a fraction can blank be renamed as a mixed number?


What is the definition on mexed number?

A mixed number is one that contains both a number and a fraction, eg 3 1/10

How do explain a mixed number into a decimal?

A decimal is one way of representing numbers which may be whole or fractions. So, a mixed number which by definition is a number, can be expressed as a decimal. That explains it all!

How do you change 18 over 25 to a mixed fraction?

You don't. That number is less than one. A mixed fraction, by definition, is a number greater than one. More precisely, a mixed fraction is one way of writing such a number.

Definition of a mixed numbers fraction?

Mixed numbers is when you have a whole number put beside a fraction: Mixed number: 12/3 Improper fraction: 5/4 Proper fraction: 2/3

What the definition for dividing mixed numbers?

what is the definition for dividing mixed numbers