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Observational Unit - IS a person or thing, that has been given some number/category.

Observational Units - ARE person(s) or thing(s) - that have been given some numbers/categories.

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Q: What is the definition of observational units?
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What is the simplest definition of Equivalent Units?

in completed units converted into completed units

What is the definition of a number?

An indefinite quantity of units or individuals

What is the definition of metric converison?

"Metric conversion" refers to the change from English units of measurement to metric units.

What is the definition of electric current the the units of electric current?


What is the definition of square units?

Square units is how many squares there are in a box to fill the whole thing.Exampleyour mom's stomach is 1 million square units

What is the definition of SIunits?

The SI units are the units given to different measures which are officially accepted by the whole world :D

Do you use color in observational art?

In painting, yes. But a drawing can also be observational.

What is the definition of observational child study?

Observational child study involves systematically observing and documenting a child's behavior, interactions, and development in various settings over a period of time. Researchers use this method to gain insights into how children behave, learn, and grow in their natural environments.

What is the definition of English system?

The English system is a system of units of measurement commonly used in the United States, which includes units such as inches, feet, pounds, and gallons. It is distinct from the metric system used in most other countries.

What is an observational essay?

An observational essay is an essay that explains and describes anything or anyone that they have observed.

How many atomic mass units are there in carbon-12?

12 by definition.

If a researcher wanted to be behind a one-way mirror to watch how preschool children behave naturally he would be doing?

Observational study