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Profit:If the selling price(S.P.)of an article is greater than the cost price(C.P.), the difference between the selling price and cost price is called a profit.

loss:If the selling price (S.P.) of an article is less than the cost price(C.P.),the difference between the cost price and selling price is called loss.

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Q: What is the definition of profit and loss in mathematics?
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What is the fourmula of pnl?

Profit and Loss formulas. Profit and loss is the branch of basic mathematics which deals with the study of profit and loss made in a business transaction.

What is the business definition for profit loss statement?

The business definition of the profit loss statement is a financial statement that explains your costs, expenses and revenues in a specific time period.

What are the formula for profit and loss in mathematics?

Formula:Profit = Selling Price (SP) - Cost Price (CP)Loss = Cost Price (CP) - Selling Price (SP)

How do I calculate simple profit and loss?

Profit or loss = income - expenses. A positive number is profit, a negative number is loss.

Why profit and loss account is called as profit and loss account and why not profit or loss account?

Tradition, and the need to call it something.

Do provisions for loan loss go in the balance sheet or profit and loss?

Profit and Loss.

What are the uses and application of basic mathematics in the hotel restaurant and management?

Scheduling, calculations for payroll and accounting, inventory, profit and loss calculations, etc..

What are the Advantages of a profit and loss statement?

what are the advantages of profit and loss statement?

What are the limitations of profit and loss account?

"What are the limitations of profit and loss account?"

What is Profit and loss Account and its contents?

Profit and loss is nothing but an statements which shows the net profit and net loss during a period.

Definition of restaurant profit and loss report?

A restaurant profit and loss report should include the costs of daily business, like staffing and foodstuffs. The breakdown of the report should list the costs before the markups for customers.

How do I Find the incremental profit or loss?

The incremental profit or loss is the change in profit or loss over the designated time period. After calculating the profit or loss, for example on a monthly basis, the delta between that and the average monthly profit or loss from the prior year can be determined.

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