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Regular polygon is equilateral and equiangular.

Irregular polygon is non-equilateral and non-equiangular.

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2012-05-07 08:46:23
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Q: What is the difference between a regular polygon and non regular polygon?
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What is the difference between a regular polygon and non-regular polygon?

All the sides of a regular polygon have the same length. If two or more sides of a polygon have different lengths, then the polygon is not regular.

What the difference between a polygon and a non polygon?

A polygon is 2 dimensional shape whereas a non polygon can be 3 dimensional shape

What is non regular polygon?

A non regular or irregular polygon is a polygon whose sides are not all the same length

Is there a difference between a regular tetrahedron and a non-regular tetrahedron?

Yes. A tetrahedron is a closed 3-d shape with 4 triangular faces. In a regular polygon, each of these is an equilateral triangle.

What is a regular polygon vs a not regular polygon?

A regular polygon is a polygon whose sides are equal length and whose angles are all the same value. A non regular polygon is just the opposite of a regular polygon.

What the meaning of non-regular polygon?

a polygon in which the sides are not all the same length

What is the difference between an ogive and a frequency polygon?

The ogive never close because they represent non-decreasing functions, and polygon you close it.

Is a circle a regular shape or non regular shape?

A circle is non-polygon. Meaning it has a curved side. A circle has no sides. It is non-regular.

Are all polygons regular?

Not all polygons are regular by definition. An irregular polygon may have non-congruent sides or non congruent angles or both. A regular polygon will always have both congruent sides and angles.

What is the difference between convex polygon and non convex polygon?

A polygon is convex if you can take any two points inside the polygon and connect them with a line segment that is completely contained by the polygon. A non-convex polygon is one which contains at least two points such that the line joining them does not lie entirely inside the polygon.

What does non-regular polygon mean?

All the sides are not equal

Example of a non-regular polygon?

An isosceles triangle or a rhombus.

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