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the answer is this when i will go to to school so my teacher will tel me the answer and i will tell you thank you,

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Q: What is the difference between an alternate angle and an corresponding angle?
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Which angle pairs are always congruent if a transversal cuts two parallel lines?

The corresponding and alternate angles

An alternate angle is an angle in maths?

Yes and they are between two parallel lines.

What is an adjacent corresponding angle?

an adjacent corresponding angle is an angle which is adjacent to a particular angle as well as corresponding.

How do you determine a corresponding angle?

A corresponding angle is related to a primary angle. Subtract the primary angle measure from 180 degrees, to obtain the corresponding angle measure.

Which of these is the alternate interior angle of angle hge?

GEF is the alternate interior angle of angle hge.

Is it true that AAA angle-angle-angle does not guarantee congruence between two triangles?

The answer is no. When two triangles are congruent all three corresponding sides are the same and all three corresponding angles are the same. Two triangles with the same corresponding angles can have corresponding sides different so they are not congruent.

What type of angle does a transversal line form?

When a transversal line cuts through parallel lines equal corresponding and equal alternate angles are formed

What are Z and F and C angles?

An 'F' angle is called a corresponding angle, a 'Z' angle is called an alternate angle and a 'C' angle is called a supplementary angle.

What is the difference between angle side angle and angle angle side?

The first is two angles and the included side whereas the second is two sides and the included angle!

What is a type of angle?

There are many types of angles such as obtuse, right, acute, complementary, supplementary, adjacent, alternate, corresponding, and opposite angles, just to name a few.

What is the relationship between the interior and exterior angles in polygons?

An interior angle and the corresponding exterior angle add up to a straight angle. that is, they are supplementary.

What is the difference between a complete angle and right angle?

The difference is 270 degrees.