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Seat height is the seat

And overall height is to the tallest point on the bike, like the bars

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Q: What is the difference between seat height and overall height on a dirt bike?
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How tall is a 250 dirt bike?

at the waist of average height man normally.

What is the difference between a high-side and low-side motorcycle accident?

Here's the summary from Timberwoof's Motorcycle FAQ: A high-side is where the bike suddenly regains traction after beginning to skid and spits the rider over the bike. The rider typically exits on the high side of the bike�the side not closest to the ground. A low-side is simply where the bike loses traction and skids into the ground with the rider remaining on the low side of the bike�the side closest to the ground. High-sides are usually more severe. The most common high-side accident scenario is where the rider loses traction at the rear wheel (due to excessive power or over-braking), the bike starts to skid, the rider regains traction suddenly by releasing the brake or chopping the power, and the bike immediately regains traction and spits the rider over the bike and tumbles. The key to avoiding this is learning not to chop the power and not to overuse the rear brake. Low sides mean you slide out on your bum or side. High sides literally throw you over the bike into the air, often with the bike landing on top of you. Try not to high side.

The diameter of one bike wheel is 28 inch and its spokes run from the center to the edge of the rim The diameter of another bicycle wheel is 21 inch What is the difference in inches between them?

28 - 21 = 7Which is a fairly silly answer as there are no 21" bike wheels. The spoke thing is quite misleading, as there are several things that aren't mentioned here that affect spoke length.If stood side by side the 28" wheel will reach 7" higher than the 21" wheel.7 inches difference . As 28-21=7The diameter of one bicycle wheel is 28 inches and its spokes run from the hub (or center) to the edge of the rim. The diameter of another bicycle wheel 21 inches. What is the difference in inches between the length of the spokes of the two wheels?

What are the things on the side of a trick bike called?

the things on both sids of each tire on a trick bike or bmx bike are called pegs

How far can a bike travel in half an hour?

It depends opon the speed of the bike.

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What is Motorcycle overall height?

A motorcycle's overall height is the distance from the ground to the highest point on the bike. This is typically the handlebars, but varies based on the model.

How high is a honda crf 450?

The seat height is 37.5 inches, ground clearance is 13 incnes. Overall height of the bike is 49.4 inches. It is possible to lower the suspension of the bike and lower it but this carries extra cost.

What is the difference between a gear bike and a mountain bike?

I have no idea what you mean by "gear bike", so the question can't be answered.

What is the difference between a trail dirt bike and motocross dirt bike?

motor cross is faster

What is the difference between dirt bike helmets and ATV helmets?

Mountain bike helmets are better than dirt bike helmets

Difference between has and have?

The difference is the person who is possessing. For example you would say "I have a bike" or "He has a bike". You would not, however, say "I has a bike" or "He have a bike" unless you're ignorant and uneducated.

What is the difference between thumpstar bike and motorcross bike?

there is not much difference usually people think that they are smaller and are more powerful, which is true, although they can be normally sized

Difference between 220cc and 150cc bike engine?

difference between 220cc and 150cc is that 150cc has less cc than 200cc

Is there a Difference between mountain bike and dirt bike tube?

The difference is that the mountain bike tube is much burlier and wider than the dirt jump tube but may not be as strong in terms of hard hitting strength.

Difference between ATV and dirt bike chains?

The length, and depending on horsepower, it could be larger for the higher horsepower bike.

What is the difference between a pocket rocket and a mini dirt bike?

A rocket is cooler:)

Is there a difference between dirt bike goggles and four wheeler goggles?

no not necessarily