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Area you multiply 2 sides and perimeter you add all the sides together.

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Q: What is the different between the perimeter and the area of a polygon?
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What is the difference between finding the perimeter of a polygon and finding the area of a polygon?

Finding the perimeter of a polygon is finding how far it is in total along all the edges of the polygon; whereas finding the area of a polygon is finding how much space the polygon covers. The perimeter of a polygon forms the boundary around the area of the polygon.

How do you find the Perimeter of a polygon with only the area?

Different polygons have different relationships between perimeter and area. For example, if we assume regular polygons, an equilateral triangle and a square have different perimeters for the same area. If you allow irregular polygons, the variety is even bigger.

How do you know that area is this and perimeter is that?

You know because the area is the distance inside a polygon and a perimeter is the distance outside a polygon.

What measurement does a polygon have?

A polygon has lengths, angles, a perimeter and area.

What is the formula for finding the area of a regular polygon with perimeter P and apothegm length a?

Area of regular polygon: 0.5*apothem*perimeter

For perimeter of a polygon do you times the sides?

For the perimeter of a polygon you add the sides to find the total distance around the shape. For area, you multiply using the various formulas for different polygons.

What is the perimeter of a polygon with the area of 7?

If you restrict yourself to integers, the perimeter of a four-sided polygon is 16.

How do you find the perimeter of a regular polygon with the apothem and area?

Perimeter = 2*Area/Apothem.

The what of a polygon is the distance around the polygon?

the perimeter. the space inside is the area

What is the difference between the perimeter and the area of a polygon?

Perimeter is the distance around the outside. Area is the space inside. By multiplying length times width The area is found. Perimeter is the sum of sides The distance all around.

What is the the difference between a polygon and perimeter?

A polygon is a closed plane figure that is bound by at least three straight sides. Perimeter is the total lengths of the sides of a shape. They are different because a polygon refers to the shape, and perimeter refers to the distance around a shape. The perimeter refers to the path traveled around the outside of some area. All polygons have a perimeter. Shapes that are not polygons also have a perimeter -- such as circles, semicircles, and the shapes of most letters.

Is it possible for a shape to have the same area but different perimeter?

Answer: Yes. A polygon can have the same perimeter length but smaller area than another polygon. Answer: For congruent or similar shapes, no. For different shapes, yes. Consider, for example, a rectangle 3 x 1, and another rectangle 2 x 2. They have different areas, but the same perimeter.

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