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60000 + 30000 = 90000 = 60% / 60 = 1500 = 1% x 100 = 150000 = 100% X .4 = 60000

The above solution is incorrect. By definition, the conversion cost is the sum of the direct labor cost and the overhead. Therefore, if we assume x is the conversion cost, then x = 0.4x + 60,000. The solution is conversion cost = 100,000. Hence, the direct labor cost = 40,000. Note that the knowing the direct material cost is not necessary for the computation of the labor cost. I am really bad at math so i just have to think you are right on this one

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Q: What is the direct labor cost if a company's direct labor is 40 percent of its conversion cost and the manufacturing overhead cost for the last period was 60000 and the direct materials cost was 30000?
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Is the cost of direct materials classified as a conversion cost?

No, Conversion cost is the sum of direct labor cost and manufacturing overhead cost.

Abel companys manufacturing overhead is 20 percent of its total conversion costs If direct labor is 38000 and if direct material are 47000 the manufacturing overhead is?

Manufacturing Overheads = 20% of Conversion CostTotal Conversion Cost = ?Total Conversion Cost = Direct Labor + Manufacturing Overheads100% = 80% + 20%Total Conversion Cost = direct labor * 100/80Direct labor = 38000Total Conversion Cost = 38000 * 100/80Total Conversion Cost = 47500Manufacturing Cost = Total Conversion Cost - Direct LaborManufacturing Cost = 47500 - 38000Manufactruring Cost = 9500

Abbey Company's manufacturing overhead is 60 percent of its total conversion costs If direct labor is 35000 and if direct materials are 55000 the manufacturing overhead is?

Conversion Cost (CC) = Direct Labour (DL) + Manufacturing Overhead (MO) CC = 35000 + (35000/40)*60 Therefor, M0 = (35000/40)*60 = 52500

What is conversion costs?

Pricing is based on direct labor and overhead. Materials does not affect pricing. Example: Your customer provides materials used in production.

Is Direct material cost combined with manufacturing overhead cost is known as conversion cost?

false, direct labor and manufacturing overhead = conversion cost

Is manufacturing overhead same as manufacturing cost?

No. Cost would include the cost of materials. Overhead would not.

Manufacturing overhead is 20 direct labor is 45000 and direct materials are 53000 what is the manufacturing overhead?


The variable portion of the semi variable cost of electricity for a manufacturing plant is a conversion cost?

yes A cost that attaches to the physical units is termed a product cost. Product costs would include direct materials, direct manufacturing labor, and manufacturing overhead. Conversion cost is the cost involved in converting the direct materials into a finished product. It is composed of direct manufacturing labor and manufacturing overhead. Any cost that does not attach to the physical units would be termed a period cost and would be expensed as incurred. Therefore, a cost is either a period or a product cost. Electricity cost, whether variable or fixed, would be included in manufacturing overhead and classified as conversion costs, and therefore cannot be classified as a period cost.

What is One potential cause of Total Manufacturing Overhead Variance?

If the estimated materials, labor or overhead costs allocated for a manufacturing order is different from the actual cost of the MO then the potential result is a Manufacturing Overhead Variance.

Does prime cost plus conversion cost equal the cost of manufacturing?

Total Manufacturing Cost = Direct Material + Direct Labor + Factory Overheads Prime Cost = Direct material + Direct Labor Conversion Cost = Direct Labor + Factory Overhead So yes prime cost and conversion cost is equal to total manufacturing cost

Is Conversion cost is the sum of direct labor and manufacturing overhead?

Yes conversion cost is sum of direct labor and overheads which required to run the process of production of units.

Direct materials plus direct labor plus variable overhead equals?

Total Manufacturing Cost