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discount =50

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Q: What is the discount when 10 percent is given on a cost price of 500?
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What is the formulae of cp if profit and discount percent is given?

if profit , discount % and cost price is given write the formulae to fine cost price

How you calculate cost price if sale price and discount given?

Cp = sp/d

When a discount is 10 percent is given on on an item being sold at a profit of 20 percent on the cost price the sales volume trebles what is the ratio of new profit to original profit?


You purchase a shirt for 8.50 plus a 6 percent discount on it how much is the total cost?

The total discount is $-0.51 and the total price after the discount is $7.99.

A pair of pants with a arked price of 35.00 has a discount of 20 percent how much is the discount?

7.00 discount. So then these pants would cost 28.00.

A discount of 15 percent is offered on an item which previously cost 1.80 What is the discounted price?


How do you calculate cost price when given sell price and loss percentage?

Cost Price=(100/(100-loss percent))* Selling Price

How do you find cost price if profit percent and selling price is given?

find cost price if selling price =600 and profit=20%

What would be the actual price if you buy a thing after 20 percent discount?

Actual Price x .8 = Purchased Price So if your cost was $80 and you got a 20% discount then you have 80 / .8 = $100.

What is 35 percent off if the product cost 99.50?

The discount is -$35.17, giving you a new price of $64.67

How can you find total cost if the sales price is 22.49 and the discount rate is 3 percent?

If you get a 3% discount, the you'll pay 97% of the list price.0.97 x $22.49 = $21.82

If on an item a shop gives 25 percent discount. they earn 25 percent profit If they now give 10 percent discount then what is the profit percentage?

If a shop gives a 10 percent discount, the profit percentage will be less than 25 percent, as the discount reduces the overall selling price of the item. The actual profit percentage would depend on the cost price and the new selling price after the discount is applied.