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The distance across the diamond is 114.6 feet.

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2009-05-16 02:33:15
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Q: What is the distance from 1st base to 3rd base across the baseball diamond?
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What is the 90 ft distance from base to base on a base on a baseball diamond in yards?

30 yards

What is the distance from 1st base to 2nd base across the baseball diamond?

the distance between all the bases in major league baseball is 90 feet. home --> first first--> second second--> third third--> home all are 90 feet apart

What is the distance on a baseball diamond to first and second base?

90' or 27.4 m

What is the size of a baseball diamond?

The dimensions of a major league baseball diamond are 90 feet from base to base. The distance from home plate to the pitchers mound is 60 feet and 6 inches.

What is the distance in between the bases in baseball?

The baseball playing field (or diamond) is shaped like a diamond. There are three bases (first, second, and third) are on the corners away from home plate. The distance between these bases (on the basepath or distance straight from first base to second base, or second base to third base, etc.) is 90 feet in Major League baseball. In Little League, the distance in 60 feet.

What is the throwing distance from third base to first base in high school baseball?

Bases are different distances apart at different levels of play in baseball. Here is how you can find the distance across the diamond (home to second, or first to third) on any field: What is the distance between bases? Square that answer (multiply it by itself). Double that answer. Find the square root of that answer. The answer you get will be the distance from home to second or from first to third.

What base is not entirely in the infield of a baseball diamond?

Every base is in the infieldof the average baseball diamond with regular dimensions.

Which sports is played on a diamond?

baseballThe sport played on a field called a diamond is baseball. The diamond is made up of first base, second base, third base, and home plate, all in a diamond shape.

What is the distance between first and second base on a 6400 square feet baseball field?

A 6400 square foot baseball diamond is just a little smaller than a regular diamond. That's 80 feet between each base.

What is the distance from 3rd base to 1st base on a softball diamond?

On a 60' square diamond it is 89' 10".

A baseball diamond is a square with sides of 90 feet. What is the shortest distance to the nearest 10th of a foot between first base and third base?


What is the distance of a baseball diamond that forms a square from first to third base with side lengths of ninety feet?

127' 3-3/8"

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