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Q: What is the effect when accurate measurement is wrong?
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A measurement that is accurate is one that?

The measurement that is accurate is one that is precise. These are also commonly titled accurate measurements in the books.

Why is accurate body measurement important.?

accurate body measurement is important to insure the dress you will wear or buy is fit to you

Why is accurate body measurement important how are body measurement taken?


Why did the need for measurement develop?

For more accurate readings of measurement.

What measurement is more precise and accurate?

What determines how precise a measurement is

What is height measurement?

height measurement is the accurate and dependable measurement for a man, object or anything.

What has the author Henry Kerr written?

Henry Kerr has written: 'An accurate measurement of the effect of temperatures, within the working range, on hysteresis in transformer steel'

The smaller the unit the measurement will be what?

The smaller the unit the more accurate the measurement will be.

Is a accurate measurement automatically precise?

An automatically measurement has a higher precision than a manually measurement.

Major disaster because of wrong measurement?

Wrong measurement usually leads to wastage of resources. Similarly wrong measurement usually leads to the completion of a shoddy work.

Were the early systems of measurement as accurate as those you use today?

No. The early systems of measurement were not as accurate as those I use today. The systems of measurement I use today are substantially more accurate than the early systems of bygone days were.

Does the car need to be running for accurate motor oil measurement?

The engine most NOT be running for accurate motor oil measurement. The most accurate measurement is when the car has not been running for at least a few hours and is sitting on level ground