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Q: What is the etymology and definition of geometry?
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What is the meaning of transcreated?

This definition is lacking an etymology or has an incomplete etymology

What is the best definition for probability in geometry?

Since probability is not a geometric concept, there is no definition for it in geometry.

What is the definition of folk etymology?

An example of folk etymology is Television means Tell- Lie - vision

What is the definition of geometry in daily life?

Definition of geometry in daily life is the use of geometry that is useful or practical in life. This might mean using geometry to build things like a carpenter.

What is the definition of theorem in geometry?


What is the definition of geometry in math?

The word geometry simply means land or earth measurements.

What is the definition of the word etymology?

It means the origin of a word. Its a greek word

What are the properties of bad definition in geometry?

it means...

What is the definition for wedge in geometry?

a triangular prism

What is the definition of opposite sides in geometry?


What is geometry entomologicaly?

Don't bug me. Entomology is the study of insects. ETYMOLOGY is the study of word origins, and "geometry" comes from an Ancient Greek word meaning "earth-measuring" -- what we now call "surveying".

What is the etymology of the word sory?

Sory is a green vitriol, or a black earth that has been impregnated with vitriol. The etymology of the word must indicate the connection to this definition.