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To find the circumference of a circle the formula is: 2*pi*radius or diameter*pi

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Q: What is the formula to find circumference when you are given the radius?
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If the area of a circle is 201.06 then the circumference of the circle is?

The formula to find the circumference of a circle is C = 2πr, where r is the radius of the circle. To find the circumference, you first need to find the radius by using the formula for the area of a circle (A = πr^2). Given that the area is 201.06, you can solve for the radius. Once you have the radius, you can plug it into the formula C = 2πr to find the circumference.

How do you get the radius of a circle from the circumfrance?

To find the radius of a circle when given the circumference, you should start with the formula for circumference, which is this: circumference = 2*pi*radius To solve for the radius, you would the have to divide the circumference by 2*pi leaving you with a formula like this: radius = circumference/(2*pi) pi≈3.14159

What is the formula to find the circumference of a circle with the raduis given?

Circumference of a circle: 2 x pi x radius.

What is the formula to find a circumference if the radius is 3 and the diameter is 6?

The circumference of a circle is given by the formula C = 2πr where r is the radius. But, as the diameter is 2 x radius then the formula can be written C = πd where d is the diameter. In this example the circumference = 2π3 = 6π = 18.85 units.

How do you find the radius if circumference is given?

Divide the circumference by 2PI to find the radius. ( C = 2PI*Radius)

What formula is used to find the circumference when you know the radius?


How can you find the diameter and the radius if the circumference is given?

Diameter = circumference/pi Radius = circumference/2*pi

How do you determine the circumference of a circle if you know the radius?

use the formula pi*diameter = circumference and the formula diameter = 2*radius and combine them 2pi*radius = circumference now you have a formula that you can just plug you numbers into. if you have 3 as your radius, then this is how to find the circumference 2pi*3=circumference 6.28*3=circumference 18.84=circumference

How do you answer the formula of a circumference?

to find the circumference of a circle you do 2 times3.14timesthe radius

How do you find length and width given the circumference?

If you mean the diameter and radius of a circle given the circumference it is:- diameter = circumference/pi radius = circumference/(2*pi)

When given radius how do you find the circumference?

Circumference = 2 * radius * pi (where pi is approx = 3.14159)So Radius = Circumference / (2 * pi)

What is the formula for finding the diameter of a circle when the circumference is given?

C = pi d By algebraic rearrangement d = C / pi