What is the function of VDA?

Updated: 12/22/2022
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Q: What is the function of VDA?
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What is audio video cascade as it relates to an RCA distribution amplifier?

A Audio Video Cascade on a Video Distribution Amplifier (VDA) is a passive connector that allows the input signal to be passed through unamplified to another VDA. For example, this allows you to connect two four-channel VDA's together to have 8 outputs.

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How can you connect a second tv to 1 cable box?

You can connect a second tv to 1 cable box by purchasing a video distribution amp (VDA) I think the smallest one you can buy is 1 input ( cable box connection ) 4 outputs ( 4 TV Connections. ) The only catch is that you have to watch the same channel on both TV's. VDA's are easy to hook up and relatively inexpensive, you can probably find one for less than $80 maybe even cheaper depending what type of connection you desire... RCI

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