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Q: What is the function of trochanter (or tubercle)?
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What is the medical term meaning in large process?

Many: trochanter, tubercle or tuberosity.

What attaches the greater trochanter to lesser trochanter?

The intertrochanteric line attaches the greater trochanter to the lesser trochanter on the femur. This line serves as a point of attachment for various muscles that play a role in hip movement and stabilization.

What does a trochanter do?

The trochanter is a bone feature of the tibia, it interacts with the femur. Its function is to aid in the stability of the knee joint.First there are two trochanters. most simply called the Greater(the larger of the two) Trochanter and the Lesser(smaller of the two) Trochanter. Most of the time the "bump" you feel on the outside of your hip/upper leg is the Greater Trochanter. As with most "bumps' on bones ,the trochanters serves as anchor attachments for the muscles in hip/leg/buttock area. Among those muscles that insert to the Greater trochanter are the the Gluteus Minimus. Gluteus Medius, and Prirformis among others. Hope this helps

What is the bony process on the femur?

The bony process on the femur is called the greater trochanter. It serves as an attachment site for muscles that move the hip and thigh.

Large process below the neck of the femur?

Greater trochanter

The rounded end of the long bone is called?

The rounded end of the long bone is called the epiphysis. It is covered with articular cartilage, which helps reduce friction and absorb shock within the joints.

What bones have trochanters?

The femur bone has trochanters. The greater trochanter is located at the top of the femur where the hip muscles attach, and the lesser trochanter is located on the inner side of the femur where the thigh muscles attach.

The two large processes of the proximal femur are the greater and lesser?

greater trochanter and lesser trochanter

Do femur and humerus bones have trochanchanters?

Just the femur has a trochanter. It has a greater and a lesser trochanter. They give depth and stability to the joint.

Site of muscle attachment on proximal femur?

It's The gluteal tuberosity and the Greater and Lesser Trochanters.

Is the greater trochanter a lateral or a medial structure of the femur?

The greater trochanter is a lateral structure of the femur.

What is the large proximal projection on the femur?

The large proximal projection on the femur is called the greater trochanter. It serves as a site of attachment for several muscles that act on the thigh and hip joint.