What is the function of vinger?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Q: What is the function of vinger?
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When was Singer Vinger created?

Singer Vinger was created in 1986.

How tall is Florence Vinger?

Florence Vinger is 5' 7".

What nicknames does Florence Vinger go by?

Florence Vinger goes by Flo.

When was Singer Vinger - album - created?

Singer Vinger - album - was created in 1988.

What attracts ant sugar or vinger?

Ants are attracted to sugar because they are looking for a source of energy. They are not attracted to vinegar as it is sour and not a food source for them.

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Do baking powder and vinger dissolve a twix bar first or do sprite?

yes baking powder and vinger dissolves a twix bar first

Can drinking to much vinger hurt you?

Yes drinking too much vinger can hurt because the Acid in the vinger burns away your stomach skin . That is correct, but one teaspoonful in a galss of water before meals is OK. NEVER drink it straight.

How can you make plants live longer?


Is vinger a acid?

Yes, vinegar is an acid.

Is vinger a alkali?

No. Vinegar is acidic: acetic acid in particular.

Examples of chemical reactions that occur at your house?

Vinger and bicarb!!