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It is: 3*3*11*101 = 9999

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Q: What is the greatest 4 digit number and express it as a product of prime numbers?
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What is the product of greatest common factor?

To have a product, you need two numbers. The greatest common factor is one number.

How do you express the product of a number is 15?

You need at least two numbers to have a product. 3 x 5 = 15

What is the product of the greatest and least two-digit prime numbers?

The greatest two-digit prime number is 97. The lowest two-digit prime number is 11. The product of the two numbers is equal to 1067.

What is the product of the three greatest whole number and the two least whole number?

There are no greatest hole numbers nor least whole numbers so the question makes no sense.

What is the greatest product possible when you multiply a 1- digit number greater than 0 by a 2- digit number?

You will get the greatest product if you choose the greatest possible numbers in both cases, i.e., 9 x 99.

What are the smallest 4-digit number and express it as a product of prime numbers?

2^3 * 5^3 = 1000

How do you express the number 24 in prime numbers?

In prime numbers 19+5 = 24 or as a product of its prime factors 2*2*2*3 = 24

How do you express the sum of each pair of numbers as a product of the greatest common factor of the numbers and another number?

Pick a pair of numbers. Let's try 30 and 42. Their GCF is 6. 6 x 5 and 6 x 7 By the distributive property, that can be written as 6(5 + 7)

What is the greatest prime number That can be multiplied by two other prime numbers to get a product less than 100?


What is the smallest 4 digit number and express it as a product of prime numbers?

1150. because product of 3 x 5 x 7 x 11=1150, which is the least 4 digit number which can be expressed as product of primes.

How do you multiply fractions with whole numbers and mixed numbers?

The question is ambiguous. Do you want to know how to multiply a fraction by a whole number, as well as by a mixed number? Or are you asking how to multiply a whole number by a mixed number and express the product as a fraction? Or what?

How do you express the greatest common factor of 80?

This cannot be done for a single number. To find a common factor you must have two or more numbers.

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