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Fixed height desk chairs usually have a seat height about 450mm above the floor. Good adjustable chairs have a range from 350-520mm which allows them to be adjusted to suit 95% of people.

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Q: What is the height of a desk chair?
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Is finding the right desk chair an important thing?

Finding the right desk chair is important as a person usually spends a long time at the desk. The desk chair should be the right height to fit under the desk and should be comfortable for the person who will be using the desk and can be found at

Something to Consider when Purchasing a New Office Desk Chair ?

The height of the arm rests should be lower than the bottom of the desk the new chair will be used with. An office desk chair does take up room, so being able to push it under the desk itself will decrease the amount it takes up when not in use.

How is a chair different from a desk?

You sit ON a chair, you sit AT a desk.

Can I buy a desk chair to match a certain desk?

You can buy chairs now that match your desk,they have companies who can customize your chair to your desk.

Which is the most ergonomic desk chair?

Fastrack 503 Deluxe Leather Posture Chair is an ergonomic desk chair.

Desk Chair ?

form_title= Desk Chair form_header= Get work done with a great desk chair. Do you want a chair with wheels?*= () Yes () No Do you want the chair to adjust?*= () Yes () No Do you prefer a short or high back?*= () Short () High

What is that desk chair from the nineteen-eighties called?

Swivel chair to a roll-top desk.

Is a $200 desk chair better than one that costs $100?

it depends on teh make of the desk chair and its warranties of the chair.

How is a chair and a desk alike?

Sit on a chair, sit at a desk. Your can sit on both, it is just a matter of comfort

How can I make my laptop desk higher?

One can make their laptop desk higher by placing books or blocks of wood under each leg of the table until it is at the desired height. Or one could also get a chair that can be lowered to a comfortable height to suit the table.

What Good is a Tall Office Chair?

With the standing desk becoming more popular, many who use it are finding readjusting the height becoming a hassle. Instead, several try using a tall office chair. You won't have to adjust the desk, but you'll still be able to sit when you want to.

Where can one purchase a school desk and chair?

The most convenient place to purchase a school desk and chair is from the internet. Some of the best websites to buy a school desk and chair are Alibaba, Amazon, and BizChair.