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The wrist

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Q: What is the human equivalent to the carpus?
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Is the carpus proximal to the brachium?

No, the carpus is distal to the brachium. The carpus refers to the wrist area, while the brachium refers to the upper arm between the shoulder and elbow.

What is name of the area between carpus and wrist?

I'm afraid that your question is meaningless - the wrist is the carpus.

What is the correct noun for the word carpus?

The word 'carpus' is a correct noun as a word for the bones of the wrist.

What is another name for the carpus bone?

A group of bones in the carpus form the wrist. This is called a wrist bone.

Which animal has no knee s?

Animals that have no legs. This would include single celled animals, whales, dolphins, fish, snakes et cetera. Most mammals with legs have the equivalent to a knee (carpus) in the hind limb but comparitive anatomy would have the common names for the knee in a human are often called a stifle joint in dogs and horses. The joint called knee in the front leg of a horse is actually equivalent to a human wrist.

Who is carpus?

carpus is the Greek god of fruit, son of Zephyrus, the god of west wind and Chloris, goddess of fruits and flowers

What is distal to the cubitus and proximal to the carpus?

The radius bone in the forearm is distal to the cubitus (ulna) and proximal to the carpus (wrist bones).

What is another word for wrist?


Common name for carpus?


An x-ray also reveals a number of fractures in the wrists bones which are also called?

The eight bones of the human carpus form the wrist and part of the hand.

What is the function of the manus?

Comprised of the carpus (wrist), metacarpus (palm), and fourdigits or finger

Do humans have carpus?

wrist, also called carpus, complex joint between the five metacarpal bones of the hand and the radius and ulna bones of the forearm