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Q: What is the importance of land in points?
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What is the importance of voltage?

importance of voltage is the potential difference between two points.

Can you write 5 points on importance of flowers?

the 5 points on importance of flowers is ahahahahahah joke ang jokejoke sayaw muna kayo sabay

What is the importance of land pollution?

the impotants of land pollution

Importance of land evaluation to land use planning?

nce of land evaluation to land use planning

Mention any five importance points one has to take care when designing a good questionnaire?

Importance of food.

What is the importance of the Great Bear?

The constellation points to the pole star (Polaris).

Mention the importance of computer in land records?

The mention the inportance of coumpter in land records.

What is the winner's take French Open tennis tournament?

To get points and also money. But they give more importance to points than money.

When people paraphrase they use the most importance points but?

Rephrase them in their own words.

How many accelerated reader points is the icebound land?

Icebound Land is worth 13 points. The reading level is 6.8. The book was written by John Flanagan.

Importance of land reform?

Land form is important because it is able to achieve political stability in the country. It also helps to avoid the conflict between tenants and landlords. It would help to reduce disparity in wealth.

What is the historical importance of the Land of Two Rivers Tigris and Euphrates?

it was civilized