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Q: What is the inequaliy of 10x plus 2y less than or equal to 14?
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Why is less than or equal to x plus 4 2x plus y is less than or equal to -4?

The two inequalities define a region of the coordinate plane: there is no unique solution.

How relational operators represented in c plus plus?

The relational operators are == (equal), != (not equal), < (less than), <= (less than or equal to), > (greater than) and >= (greater than or equal to). All relational operators are boolean, returning true or false depending on the l-value relationship with the r-value, with respect to the operator.

What is the answer to x plus 7 less than or equal to 3?

x < /= -4

What is 9x plus 4 is less than or equal to 3x-14?


What is the comparison operator used for not equal to in Excel?

You can use the Not function or the <> operator, which is the < and the > beside each other. To see if the values in A1 and A2 are not equal to each other, you can type: =A1<>A2 or =Not(A1=A2) In each case they will either give you TRUE if they are not equal or FALSE if they are equal, in the cell that you enter the formula into.

Find the graph of the inequality y plus 2 -x - 6?


Is 2.5 ft less than greater than or equal to 32 inches?

There are 12 inches in a foot. 2.5 feet is 12 plus 12 plus 6 which is 30 inches, so . . . 2.5 feet is not greater than or equal to 32 inches. It is less than 32 inches

What are the 10 symbol of mathematics?

SymbolName+addition sign, plus sign-subtraction sign, minus signx or ⋅multiplication sign÷ or /division sign=equal≠not equal<less than>greater than≤less than or equal to≥greater than or equal to#number sign( )parentheses&and (ampersand)%percentπpi|x|absolute value of x√square root!factorial±plus or minusˆcaret - to the power of

Is half of a half plus one third of a half greater than less than or equal to half of a whole?

less, if it is a fraction of a half, it cannt be a whole

Does up to mean greater than or equal to or less than or equal to?

Less than or equal to

What is the opposite of less than equal sign?

The opposite of less than or equal to is greater than or equal.And also:The opposite of greater than or equal to is less than or equal.

What is negative one is less than or equal to n plus two is less than or equal to six?

It is a double inequality defining an interval. -1 ≤ n+2 ≤ 6 implies -3 ≤ n ≤ 4