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290 miles long by 50 miles wide at the islands greatest points

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Q: What is the length and width of Vancouver island?
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How big is Vancouver island?

Vancouver Island is about 460 kilometers (290 miles) in length and 80 kilometers (50 miles) in width, making it the largest island on the west coast of North America. It has a total area of approximately 32,134 square kilometers (12,407 square miles).

Width and length of Manhattan Island US in miles?

Length: 6 miles width: 2 miles

What is the width and length of the Island of Grand Bahama?

96 long 24 wide

Did george Vancouver discouver Vancouver?

George Vancouver did not discover vancouver BC it was simply named after him he actually discovered Vancouver Island it was actually Vancouver and Quadra Island , but the spanish shortened it to just simply Vancouver island.

Where Vancouver island marmot lives?

Vancouver Island only.

What is the island west of Vancouver British Columbia?

Vancouver Island

What are the landforms in Vancouver Canada?

It is on an island called Vancouver Island.

What is the length and width of Watling Island San Salvador?

Walting Island is about 13 miles wide and 8 miles wide.

How will Vancouver and Vancouver island be effected by an earthquake?

It depends on where the earthquake takes place. If it takes place on Vancouver Island,then the effect would happen on Vancouver Island. If happens in Vancouver,then the effect would happen in Vancouver.

What is bigger - Prince Edward Island or Vancouver Island?

Vancouver Island is much bigger.

Largest city found on Vancouver island?

Victoria is the largest city in Vancouver Island.

What are the dimensions of a table if the perimeter is 36 and the length is 5 times the width?

perimeter = length + length + width + width = 2*length + 2*width = 36 length = 5*width 2*(5*width) + 2*width = 36 12*width = 36 width = 3 length = 15