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c = 25m

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Q: What is the length of side c when the perimeter is 100 m b 35 m and a 40 m?
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What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon with a length of 7 inches?

If the side length is 7, the perimeter is 35.

What is the perimeter of a rectangle with a width of 15 centimeters and a length of 35 centimeters?

Perimeter = 15+15+35+35 = 100 cm

What is the perimeter of a square playing board with the side length of 35 ft?

4 x 35 ft = 140 ft perimeter

What is the perimeter of a regular pentagon if the length of one side is 7 inches?

It is: 5*7 = 35 inches

The perimeter of a quadrilateral is 35 cm and the length of three of its sides are 7.9 cm 8.2 cm and 5.3 cm. find the fourth side?

It is: 35-7.9-8.2-5.3 = 13.6 cm which is the length of its fourth side

How do you find the demension of rectangle if length is 20 cm more than its breadth and perimeter is 100 cm?

Let the breadth be x and the length be x+20 So: 2*(x+x+20) = 100 => 4x+40 = 100 => 4x = 100-40 => 4x = 60 => x = 15 The dimensions are: length = 35 cm and breadth = 15 cm Check for perimeter: 2*(35+15) = 100 cm

What is the length of the sides of a picture frame if the perimeter is 24 inches and the area is 35 square inches?

Length and side: 7 inches and 5 inches respectively

A pentagon the perimeter is 134 meters four of the sides measure 20 21 32 and 35 what is the length of the fifth side?

the fifth side is 26m long

Perimeter of a rectangle that has a length of 12.5mm and width of 5mm is?

35 mm

What are the perimeter and area of a rectangle with the length of 5 in and a width of 7 in?

Perimeter = 24 inches Area = 35 square inches

The perimeter of a rectangle is 100m The length is 5m more than twice the width. Find the dimensions.?

width=15 length=35

The length and width of a rectangle are in the radio 5 4 the perimeter of the rectangle is 126 inches what are the length and width of the rectangle?

35 and 28