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Do you mean, like, the Earth? The equator. If you mean the line going from side to side across the middle of a circle then... the diameter of a circle

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Q: What is the line that goes around the globe with a parallel line?
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What is a line that goes around the globe like a belt and is also parallel?

the equator?

Line that goes around the globe like a belt parallel lines?

Equator latitude lines

In which direction does the parallel or line of latitude run?

East to west, or around the globe.

What do you call an imaginary line that goes around the Earth and looks like parallel belt?

It's called a latitude (But you asked for the name of the LINE that goes around the Earth like a parallel belt)

How many lines in the parallel line in your globe?

As many as you like.

The parallel in the middle of the globe is called what?

The parallel that runs the middle length of the globe is the Equator. The imaginary line separates the northern and southern hemispheres.

Define 38th parallel?

The 38 parallel is the 38 parallel latitude line across the globe. But this is the line dividing the North Korean and South Korean countries.

In which direction does a parallel line of latitude run?

A line of latitude (a 'parallel') is an imaginary line that circles the globe parallel to all other lines of constant latitude including the equator. Every point on a parallel has the same latitude. The parallel doesn't 'run' in any direction.

Line that goes around the globe like a belt?

Any "great circle" does that, but the one you're probably thinking of is the "equator".

What is the line on a globe that goes up and down?

What line that run up and down and across the globe like invisible street are lines of what

If a line goes through a set of parallel lines what is the line called?

a transversal

In which diection does a parallel or line of lalitude run?

Latitude lines are the imaginary lines on a globe that are horizontal.

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