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that the total weight of the rocket is greatly reduced as the rocket rises

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It flies higher.

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Q: What is the main advantage of a multistage rocket?
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Is the multistage rocket the same as a rocket?

a multistage rocket is a rocket. a rocket could be a multistage rocket. all multi-stage rockets are rockets, but not all rockets are multi-stage. For example the space misstions. They are all multi staged, but each stage is a rocket on its own.

Can a multistage rocket hold people?

Yes, I'm pretty sure that everyone who has travelled into space has been lifted there by a multistage rocket.

What is the difference between a multistage rocket and a single stage rocket?

A single-stage rocket has all its propulsion and structure contained in a single unit, while a multistage rocket consists of two or more stages stacked on top of each other. In a multistage rocket, each stage is jettisoned when its fuel is exhausted, shedding weight and making the spacecraft lighter, enabling it to achieve higher speeds. This design allows multistage rockets to carry heavier payloads and go farther into space than single-stage rockets.

What is advantage and disadvantages of multistage amplifier?

A multistage amplifier is composed of several single stage amplifiers.

How many stages does a multi stage rocket have?

A multistage rocket usually has 3 stages or sections.

What happens to the first of a multistage rocket?

it is dropped off the rocket and either burns in the atmosphere or lands in the ocean

What is the advantage of multistage switching network?

it is very cheap

What is the difference between a multistage rocket and a single-stage rocket?

A single stage rocket consists of only a single set of rocket engines and fuel containers. This assembly is used for the entire journey. A multistage rocket consists of several sets of engines and fuel containers that are used in succession. When the fuel of one stage is spent it detaches from the rocket to get rid of the weight and the next set of engines is ignited. Multistage rockets are far more efficient at getting things into space.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of multistage sampling?

a disadvantige is that a rocket gets disposed of after each flight

What happens to each stage in the multistage rocket when it uses up fuel?

When a stage in a multistage rocket uses up fuel, it is jettisoned to reduce weight and minimize drag. This allows the remaining stages to continue the journey more efficiently. The next stage then ignites its engines to continue the propulsion of the rocket towards its destination.

Who invented the first multistage rocket?

The first multistage rocket was invented by German scientist Hermann Oberth in the early 1920s. He proposed the concept as a way to achieve greater altitude and speed in rocketry by using multiple rockets that ignite sequentially.

Why can the third stage of a multistage rocket go faster than the first stage?

The third stage of a multistage rocket can go faster than the first stage because it is lighter and has fewer engines to carry. As each stage burns its fuel and separates, the rocket sheds weight, allowing the remaining stages to accelerate more easily due to a lower overall mass.