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Q: What is the man hours required to construct 3 concrete arch bunkers with 2.5 feet of overhead cover?
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How did Germans survive massive bombardments before the battle of somme?

By living in concrete bunkers

What were the steps the Japanese government takes to protect the citizens of hiroshima from a bombing attack?

They made the civilians to construct underground bunkers.

What are bunkers made for?

Bunkers are typically made to provide protection and shelter during emergencies or in times of conflict. They are designed to withstand various threats such as explosions, severe weather, or radiation. Bunkers can serve as safe spaces for people or to store important supplies and equipment.

What is the meaning of bunkers?

Bunkers: (Bre) Slang for crazy; nuts. As in to go bunkers go crazy.

What was the invasion of Normandy like?

The invasion of Normandy was like a small slice of Hell. The defended beaches, particularly Omaha, had massive cross-fire from Germans dug into concrete bunkers. These bunkers were extensively bombed by Allied bombers over the previous weeks, not a single bunker was even cracked.

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When was Los Bunkers created?

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What does bunkers mean in maritime speak?

It typically refers to the fuel storage. Coal bunkers or fuel oil bunkers are where the fuel is kept.

What are paintball bunkers are made of?

Speedball bunkers are made from a thick, flexible, inflatable plastic. Woodsball bunkers could be anything from plywood to piping.

What makes the best airsoft and paintball bunkers?

Certified psp paintball bunkers

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