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It is a chevron with its point facing to the left or a letter V on its side with the point of the V to the left. 1 < 2

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Q: What is the mathematical symbol that means 'less than'?
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What is the mathematical symbol for is fewer than?

&lt; this symbol can also mean less than

What is any mathematical sentence that has an inequality symbol?

As for example 2 &lt; 8 means that 2 is less than 8 but 8 &gt; 2 means that 8 is greater than 2

What is the mathematical symbol for at most?

The inequality sign for at most is &lt; with _ under it. ( less than or equal to)

Less than sign?

The less than sign &lt; is a mathematical symbol used to indicate that one quantity is smaller than another. It is commonly used in mathematical inequalities and can be read as &quot;is less than.&quot;

What is the mathematical symbol for no more than?

It is the "less than or equal to" sign. (&lt;=) Please see link.

What math symbol means less than?

It is < meaning less then.

Symbol for less than?

"&lt;" means less than and "&gt;" means greater than, i.e., 6&lt;10 but &gt;3.

What is the math symbol for greater than?

&gt; means greater than &lt; means less than

What do you call a mathematical sentence with a greater than or less than symbol?

A strict inequality. The word "strict" is used to distinguish these from "greater than or equal to" and"less than or equal to".

What is a less than symbol with a line under it?

It means that is is less than or equal to that number.

Which mathematical symbol can be put between 2 and to make the result greater than 2 but less than 3?

Decimal point

What is the mathematical symbol for not less than?

If a is not less than b then a is greater than or equal to b. The symbol for "greater than or equal to " is &gt; with a bar under it -- a combination of the equal sign (=) and the greater than sign (&gt;). In many computer languages you can use &gt;= with no space between for this relation.