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Q: What is the maximum whole number value of n if n is less than 5?
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What is the value of less than a whole number?

It would be a mixed fraction, or simply a fraction.

What is 0.25 as a whole number?

.25 cannot be turned into a whole number because the value is less than 1

How do you write 40 hundredths as a whole number?

The absolute value of 40 hundredths is less than one and so you cannot write it as a whole number.

How do you change 0.4 to a whole number?

You cannot. 0.4 is a decimal representation of a number whose absolute value is less than 1 It cannot, therefore, be changed to a whole number.

What is a whole number opposites?

A number which is not a whole number. It could be a fraction whose absolute value is less than one or a mixed (r improper) fraction, an irrational number, an imaginary or complex number, and so on.

What is a whole number less than o?

There is no whole number less than zero.

How do you do minimum and maximum measurements?

The minimum would be the number of the least value in your data set, and the maximum would be the number of the greatest value in your data set. Value is determined by the distance of the number from zero on the number line for positive numbers, and all negative numbers have less value than positive numbers or zero (unless you are determining absolute value). If you have different forms of numbers less than one to categorize (such as decimals, fractions, or percentages) convert all numbers to decimals (by dividing by 100 for percentages and dividing the numerator by the denominator for fractions) to make finding the minimum and maximum values easier.

Is the product of a fraction less than one and a whole number less than or greater than the whole number?

It depends: If the whole number is positive then the result is less than the whole number, eg ½ × 2 = 1 < 2 If the whole number is negative then the result is greater than the whole number, eg ½ × -2 = -1 > -2

What is the maximum value of 4x-6 is 54?

If: 4x-6 = 54 then the value of x works out as 15

Why is zero called smallest whole number?

Zero is called the smallest whole number because it is the starting point of the number line. It is less than all positive whole numbers and is considered the lowest value in the set of whole numbers. Additionally, zero is the additive identity, meaning that when added to any number, it does not change the value of that number.

When you multiply a whole number by a decimal less than one your answer will be?

... less than the whole number.

Must the third quartile of a data set be less than the maximum value?

No. Not if 25% of the data set are all at the maximum value.