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Q: What is the meaning of X1 partly cleared?
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How matrix X1 X2 equals matrix X1 X2?

i think its pretty much the same thing because matrix X1 X2 IS ACTUALLY X1 X2

How do you use a variance-covariance matrix to obtain least squares estimates?

Suppose that you have simple two variable model: Y=b0+b1X1+e The least squares estimator for the slope coefficient, b1 can be obtained with b1=cov(X1,Y)/var(X1) the intercept term can be calculated from the means of X1 and Y b0=mean(Y)-b1*mean(X1) In a larger model, Y=b0+b1X1+b2X2+e the estimator for b1 can be found with b1=(cov(X1,Y)var(X2)-cov(X2,Y)cov(X1,X2))/(var(X1)var(X2)-cov(X1,X2)2) to find b2, simply swap the X1 and X2 terms in the above to get b2=(cov(X2,Y)var(X1)-cov(X1,Y)cov(X1,X2))/(var(X1)var(X2)-cov(X1,X2)2) Find the intercept with b0=mean(Y)-b1*mean(X1)-b2*mean(X2) Beyond two regressors, it just gets ugly.

How do you do equations and graphs for slope?

The equation for the slope between the points A = (x1, y1) and B = (x2, y2) = (y2 - y1)/(x2 - x1), provided x1 is different from x2. If x1 and x2 are the same then the slope is not defined.

What is the slope formula in equation form?

If (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) are two points on the line, then the formula for the slope is (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) provided x2 ≠ x1. If x2 = x1 then the line is vertical and the slope is not defined.

How do you compute quadratic equation using java?

What do you mean by "compute"? Do you want to graph it? Factor it? Calculate it's function given a set of points that lie on it? If you're looking to compute the function given three points that fall on the parabola, then I have just the code for you. If you're given three points, (x1, y1), (x2, y2) and (x3, y3), then you can compute the coefficients of your quadratic equation like this: a = (y1 * (x2 - x3) + y2 * (x3 - x1) + y3 * (x1 - x2)) / (x1 * x1 * (x2 - x3) + x2 * x2 * (x3 - x1) + x3 * x3 * (x1 - x2)) b = (y1 - y2) / (x1 - x2) - a * (x1 + x2); c = y1 - (x1 * x1) * a - x1 * b; You now can calculate the y co-ordinate of any point given it's x co-ordinate by saying: y = a * x * x + b * x + c;

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What is the meaning of X1 - partly cleared in BA Honours 1st year result of Calcutta University?

x1artly cleared

What is the meaning of partly qualified in BA exam Calcutta University?

what is the meaning of partly qualified in ba exam calcutta unversity

What is the meaning of amphoteric?

Partly one and partly the other; neither acid nor alkaline; neutral.

What are the Pokemon types of the elite 4 in Pokemon pearl?

Aaron Poison/Bug x1 Bug/Fighting x1 Bug/Flying x2 Poison/Dark x1 Bertha Water/Ground x2 Ground x1 Rock x1 Rock/Ground x1 Flint Fire x1 Fire/Fighting x1 Steel/Ground x1 Normal x1 Ghost/Flying x1 Lucian Psychic x2 Normal/Psychic x1 Fight/Psychic x1 Steel/Psychic x1 Cynthia Ghost/Dark x1 Dragon/Ground x1 Water/Ground x1 Water x1 Grass/Poison x1 Steel/Fighting x1

What is the word of the meaning timber that is partly prepared into planks?


Can you fix or rate my dragon deck?

decklist monsters:21 blue eyes white dragon x3 chaos necromancer x1 masked dragon x1 armed dragon lvl3 x2 armed dragon lvl5 x2 armed dragon lvl7 x1 armed dragon lvl10 x1 the dragon dwelling in the cave x1 flamvell guard x1 lord of d x1 vangaurd of the dragon x1 the white stone of legend x1 kaiser sea horse x1 montage dragon x1 mirage dragon x1 tyrant dragon x1 blue eyes shining dragon x1 spell cards:15 flute of summoning dragon x1 polermyzation x2 monster reborn x1 magical mallet x1 stamping destruction x2 dragons mirror x1 deifferent dimension capsule x2 dark hole x1 future fusion x1 white dragon ritual x1 swords of revealing light x1 mystical space typhoon x1 traps:10 dragons rage x1 waboku x1 enchanted javelin x1 judgment of Anubis x1 call of the haunted x1 acid trap hole x1 hidden book of spell x1 raigeki break x1 curse of Anubis x1 self destruction button x1 (hoping i wont need that anymore) extra deck:2 paladin of white dragon x1 blue eyes ultimate dragon x1

What is the best dragon Yu-Gi-Oh deck that is tournament legal?

Mine is: Blizzard Dragon X2 Ryu Kushin Powered X1 Baby Dragon X3 Time Wizard X4 Manga Ryu-Ran X1 Ryu-Ran X1 Armored Lizard X1 Influence Dragon X1 Powered Tuner X2 InterPlanetPurplyThorny Dragon X2 Hieratic Dragon of Eset X1 Light And Darkness Dragon X1 Lord Of D. X1 Koumori Dragon X1 Curse Of Dragon X1 Dragon Of Ice X2 The Dragon Dwelling In the Cave X2 Lava Dragon X1 Two Headed Behemoth X1 Dragunity Arma Mystletainn X1 Hieratic Dragon Of Nebthet X1 Ancient Dragon X1 Dragon Zombie X1 Mirage Dragon X1 Bright Star Dragon X1 Dark Blade X1 Pitch Dark Dragon X1 (I actually have the cards below) MALEFIC CYBER END DRAGON X1 Slifer The Sky Dragon X2 Magic & Traps Card DesctructionX1 Double Summon X1 Gracious Charity X1 Frontline Base X1 reversal quiz X2 MetaSilver Armor X1 Dian Keto The Cure Master X1 Poison Of the old man X1 Dragon Mastery x1 Dragon treasure x1 Fusion Gate x1 change of heart x1

Could you rate my Yu-Gi-Oh deck?

Normal Monsters: x1 Cyber-Tech Alligator x1 Luster Dragon x1 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World Effect Monsters: x1 Apocatequil x1 Arcane Apprentice x1 Consecrated Light x1 Exiled Force x1 Gilasaurus x2 Junk Synchron x1 Level Eater x1 Krebons x2 Majestic Dragon x1 Mobius The Frost Monarch x1 Nitro Synchron x1 Noisy Gnat x1 Penguin Soldier x2 Quickdraw Synchron x2 Quillbolt Hedgehog x1 Road Synchron x1 Skelengel x1 Sonic Chick x1 Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode x1 The Tricky x1 Tuned Magician x1 Tuningware x1 Turbo Booster x1 Turbo Synchron x1 Weeping Idol x1 X-Saber Airbellium Spells: x1 Double Summon x1 Fighting Spirit x1 Heavy Storm x1 Lightning Vortex x1 Magical Mallet x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 One for One x1 Pot of Greed x1 Smashing Ground x1 Swords of Revealing Light x1 Synchro Boost Traps: x1 Assault Mode Activate x1 Call of the Haunted x1 Defense Draw x1 Draining Shield x1 Fiendish Chain x1 Graceful Revival x1 Revival Gift x1 Sakuretsu Armor x1 Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1 Starlight Road x1 Synchro Strike x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Trap Hole x1 Trap Jammer x1 Urgent Tuning x1 Waboku Synchros: x1 Colossal Fighter x1 Iron Chain Dragon x2 Junk Warrior x1 Majestic Star Dragon x2 Nitro Warrior x1 Power Tool Dragon x1 Red Dragon Archfiend x1 Road Warrior x1 Thought Ruler Archfiend x1 Turbo Warrior x1 Stardust Dragon x1 X-Saber Urbellum 3 Normal Monsters, 30 Effect Monsters, 11 Spells, 16 Traps, 14 Synchros 60 cards in deck, 14 cards in extra deck Nice...really good. I have three improvements though. 1: Try to add a few more tuners to this deck, i noticed there arent that many and this deck focuses on synchros, so add a few more. 2: Cut down on unnecessary cards. Maybe you could get rid of some spells or traps, or maybe even monsters so you can access the cards you really want e.g tuners, spells e.t.c 3: In my 1st improvement i said add more tuners. You should also try to add more level 4 light monsters, because a really good spell to help with this deck would be Lightwave Tuning. It turns one level 4 light monster into a tuner for one turn

How do you beat level 29 B-Cubed?

okay... took me ages to figure out how to finish it but... up(X3), Right(X5), Up(X2), Left(X1), Down(X4), Right(X2), Down(X1), Left(X1), Right(X1), Down(X1), Left(X1), Down(X1), Right(X1), Down(X1), Left(X1), Down(X3), Right(X2), Down(X1), Right(X1), Down(X2), Left(X2), Up(X1), Right(X1), Down(X4), Right(X1), Up(X2), Left(X2), Down(X2), Right(X1) and finally Up(X1) :) code for level 30 is 676534

How do you pass level 29 on the B-Cubed game?

It is pretty much impossible

How do you swap two numbers without third variables?

If the variables are x1 & x2 the solution is : 1) x1=x1+x2; 2) x2=x1-x2; 3) x1=x1-x2; EX: x1=1 , x2=6; 1) x1= 1+6 = 7 2) x2= 7-6 =1 3 x1=7-1 =6 ============================================

What is the best Yu-Gi-Oh warrior deck with elemental or destiny heroes?

I'd say definitely Eheros! My ehero deck is pretty awesome so this is my recipe: Monsters . Bladedge x2 . Clayman x2 . Avian x3 . Sparkman x3 . Wildheart x3 . Burstinatrix x3 . Woodsman x1 . Heat x1 . Stratos x1 . Wroughtweiler x1 . King of the swamps x2 Fusion monsters . Phoenix enforcer x1 . Shinig flare wingman x1 . Tera Firma x1 . Inferno x1 . Rampart blaster x2 . Wildedge x2 . Shining Phoenix enforcer x1 . Flame wingman x1 . Thunder Giant x1 Spells . O-Oversoul x1 . Mystical sace typhoon x1 . Fusion gate x2 . Skyscraper x1 . Fusion sage x1 . Super polymerization . Polymerization x2 . Future Fusion x1 . R-Righteous Justice x1 . E-Emergency call x3 Traps . Threatening roar x1 . Elemental Recharge x1 . Mirror force x1 . A hero emerges x1 . Magical cylinder x1 . Hero blast x1 . Waboku x1 It works for me and I normally fusion summon on my w1st or 2nd turn. :)