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To feel well, happy, good.

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Q: What is the meaning of to feel a hundred percent?
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Can you give me a sentence using the idiom 'feel a hundred percent'?

I can give you several sentences.After I took that cold medicine, I feel a hundred percent better.I feel a hundred percent after winning that game.Making that good grade makes me feel one hundred percent.

Can you give me a sentence using the idiom feel a hundred percent?

I do not feel 100% comfortable in this seating position.

Is the word percent greek?

The word is from Latin - per centum meaning by the hundred

What does percentage symbol mean in maths?

The literal meaning is 'of one hundred'. Any number written with a percent sign is a fraction of one hundred.

What is sixteen percent of one hundred percent?

Sixteen percent of one hundred percent is: 0.16

How do you change 9 to a percent?

Generally, percentages refer to a ratio of some kind. If you had nine things out of ten things, that would be ninety percent. If you compared nine things to one thing, that would be nine hundred percent. If you had the decimal 0.09, meaning nine out of a hundred, that would be 9 percent.

What is six percent of two hundred?

Six percent of two hundred is twelve.

What is 12.5 percent of one hundred?

Percent means 'of a hundred' and 12.5% of 100 is 12.5

What is thirty percent of five hundred?

Thirty percent of one hundred is 30, so thirty percent of five hundred must be 30 X 5 = 150.

120 percent of what number is one hundred and two percent?

120 percent of the number 85 is one hundred and two.

What is percent?

Percent means"per hundred"

How do you turn 20 percent into a fraction?

20 percent actually represents a fraction already. The word "percent" is based on the Latin words "per" meaning "for each", and "centum" meaning "hundred". So "20 percent" literally means "twenty out of one hundred": 20 / 100 And there's your fraction. All you need to do at that point is reduce it to it's simplest terms. Both the numerator and denominator are divisible by 20, so the end result is: 1 / 5