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Q: What is the most important thing to use on a graph?
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How do you you use line graph in a sentence?

Creating a line graph is a simple thing to do. If you have two points, you can create a line graph.

What is the most important thing you can do to stop the thinning of the ozone layer?

The most important thing is to stop use of CFC's. They are mostly responsible for ozone depletion.

What kind of graph would you most likely use fractions why?

Line graph

Why is it important to use multiple lines in a line graph?

It's important to use multiple lines in a line graph so that you can identify each categories without confusion.

How does a line graph help scientists?

it helps because most people use line graph in their work so i would have to say that line graph help scientist's find out the measurement of something. It helps a lot to scientist because that's where their information is. It is most of the time on a line graph which is a good thing because it is pretty much the most simple one. :)

Jose wanted to make a graph to show his budget for the month What type of graph would be the most appropriate to graph for Jose to use?

line graph

What graph would you use to display student's ages?

Most likely a bar or pie graph

When would you most likely use a graph?

fuke you

Why are graph important?

GRAphs r important becuz u use things 2 estiamte so u use graphs

What is the significance of distanced-time graph?

A distance time graph is important because it helps determine the speed of a person or object. The use of the graph helps to easily interpret the results.

This type of graph is excellent for showing business cycles?

line graphThe most preferred type of graph to use for change over time is the line graph.

What was the most important thing to use technetium?

The isomer Tc-99m was used as tracer in radiodiagnostic.