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It is just called a "central angle".

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Q: What is the name of a angle with its vertex at the center of the circle?
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What is the name of an angle whose vertex is the center of the circle?

A central angle.

How do you name a vertex and sides of an angle?

you can name a vertex with b

What are the two ways to name an angle?

by vertex or point

What is another name for right angle DEF?

Right angle E. The vertex of any angle can also be used to name the angle.

What are the ways to name an angle?

The VERTEX of the angle is always in the middle... so if it is angle ABC, then you can also name it CBA as long as the vertex letter is in the middle, usually there are only 2 ways to name an angle.Also, if there aren't any other angles with the same vertex, you can just call angle ABC, angle B.Summary: If you have an angle:the vertex is labeled B, the others are A and C. what can you call the angle?Answer: ABC,CBA or B

What is the name of the angle whose vertex is c?

It could be called angle C, as long as that name is unambiguous.

What is an other name for angle?

sometimes the angle is referred to as a vertex, however that is not all of the time.

How do you name a right angle?

You use the points of the vertex and on the two sides. For example a right angle with a vertex of A and two sides B and C. would be Angle BAC

What name is given to the point where the 2 lines meet to form an angle?

That's the "vertex" of the angle.

How do you name a circle?

A circle is named by it's center point. For instance, let's say you have a circle, complete with chords, radii, a central angle, a center point, etc., etc. We'll say the central point is named "R." Therefore, your circle is named "Circle R."

What is the name for th common endpoint of the 2 rays that form an angle?

a vertex

Does circle name by its center?

Yes. The center of a circle is the circles name

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