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Q: What is the name of polynomial with 6 terms?
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What is the name for a polynomial with 5 terms?

Quintinomial, is a polynomial with 5 terms

What is the name for a polynomial with 4 terms?


What is a name for a mathematical expression having two or more terms?


What is the polynomial having two terms?

A polynomial with two terms is called a binomial.

What is the polynomial of 2 x?

this term 2x is not a polynomial. this term is a monomial. since only one term was listed it can not be a polynomial. A polynomial is like four or more terms. a trinomial is three terms and a binomial is two terms.

The greater degree of the terms in a polynomial is called?

The degree of the polynomial.

How many terms are in the polynomial abc+ e-fg +h squared 2?

The terms in a polynomial are seperated by a + or - So in given polynomial there are 4 terms.... abc , e, fg and h²

Are polynomial and trinomial the same?

A trinomial is a polynomial. All trinomials are polynomials but the opposite is not true. a trinomial= three unlike terms. a polynomial= "many" unlike terms.

What is the main difference between a polynomial and a binomial?

The only difference is that a binomial has two terms and a polynomial has three or more terms.

What is a polynomial with four terms?

First off, it is NOT A QUINTIC! Typically a polynomial of four or more terms is called "a polynomial of n terms", where n is the number of terms. Only the one, two, and three term polynomials are referred to by a particular naming convention.

Is 13 a polynomial If it is find its degree and classify it by the number of its terms?

13 is not a polynomial.

What is the relationship between binomial and a polynomial?

A binomial is a polynomial with exactly 2 terms.