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They don't have names beyond "the faces of the tetrahedron."

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2011-01-21 18:22:19
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Q: What is the names of all the tetrahedron faces?
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What are the names of the faces on a tetrahedron?

There are no specific names for the faces.

What are the names of the polyhedra that has 4 faces?

A tetrahedron or triangular pyramid.

Does a tetrahedron have parrallel faces?

No. The faces of a tetrahedron are equilateral triangles, but none of the faces is parallel to another one of the faces -- they could not be parallel, since by the definition of a tetrahedron, all the faces intersect(!) and parallel planes do not intersect.

How many faces on a tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron has 4 faces.

What is a polyhedron with all faces the same all faces are equilateral triangles and has eight faces?


What solids have all triangular faces?


How many faces on a star tetrahedron?

A tetrahedron has four faces.

Does a tetrahedron have perpendicular faces?

No and Yes A regular tetrahedron does not have any faces that are perpendicular to each other. (Regular in this sense means all edges are equally long - all faces are equilateral triangles)You can construct a irregular tetrahedron with two or three perpencdicular faces. To make such a tetrahedron with three faces perpendicular, simply cut the corner of a cube.

3-d with 4 triangular faces?


How many number of faces are there in a tetrahedron?

There are four number of faces in a tetrahedron.

A shape with 4 faces except for tetrahedron?

There are no other shapes that have only four flat faces except for a tetrahedron, although the faces thatmake up the tetrahedron can be triangles of various shapes and need not be all identical.

What has 4 faces all of which are equilateral triangles?


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