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Negative acceleration is the state of a body whose velocity in a specified direction is becoming smaller.

If you apply the brakes while driving a car, the car (and you) will undergo negative acceleration in the direction in which the car was moving.

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Q: What is the negative acceleration?
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Can a car have negative velocity and negative acceleration?

It cannot have negative velocity, it can have negative acceleration.

Can there be a positive acceleration and a negative acceleration?

Yes, acceleration can be positive and negative because acceleration is a vector. It has both direction and magnitude. The direction is what makes it positive or negative. Negative acceleration is usually called deceleration.

What is negative and acceleration?

Positive acceleration = speeding up. Negative acceleration = slowing down.

What happens to your speed if you have a negative acceleration do you speed up or slow down?

If you have a negative acceleration, you are slowing down. Acceleration is the rate of change of speed, so a negative acceleration means a decrease in speed.

True or false Negative acceleration always means that a system is slowing down?

false A car can have a negative acceleration and be speeding up. A negative acceleration determines the direction of the acceleration A car with forward acceleration will speed up in the forward direction A car moving forward with a negative acceleration will slow down A car not moving with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction A car moving backward with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction

A plane taking off is a negative acceleration?

A plane landing is a negative acceleration - "negative" meaning it slows down.

What is positive acceleration negative acceleration?

Positive is speeding up and negative is slowing down

Can acceleration ever be negative?

Yes, acceleration can be negative when an object is slowing down or changing direction in the opposite direction of its current motion. Negative acceleration is often referred to as deceleration.

Does negative acceleration have constant acceleration?

Not necessarily so. Negative (deceleration) could be growing or decreasing in magnitude. The cause is going to be the Force that is acting on the system. If the Force is increasing, the acceleration will be also.

What is negative accelertion?

Acceleration is any change in velocity. Negative acceleration is when the change is such that the speed decreases.

How can you have negative acceleration but not negative speed?

The negative part in negative acceleration is indicating direction, as acceleration is a vector quantity. Speed however, is a scalar and has magnitude only and therefore cannot be negative. An example could be -2.6ms-2 meaning that there is an acceleration of 2.6ms-2 but in the opposite direction to other vectors.

Is retardation positive or negative acceleration?

Retardation is a form of acceleration that is negative, meaning that the object is slowing down. Positive acceleration refers to the object speeding up.