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Q: What is the negative form of was?
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What is needed to form a negative ion?

An electron is added in an atom to form a negative ion or anion. Because electron carry negative charge.

What is negative 0.755 as a fraction in simplest form?

Negative 0.755 as a fraction in simplest form is -151/200.

What is a negative form for 'let us'?

The negative form for "let us" is "let us not" or the contraction "let's not".

Does phosphorus have a negative charge?

Phosphorus in its elemental form does not have a negative charge. However, in chemical compounds, phosphorus can form ions with a negative charge, such as phosphate ions (PO4^3-).

What is ten to the negative sixth power in decimal form?

Ten to the negative sixth power in decimal form is 0.000001

What is the negative word of should?

The negative form of "should" is "shouldn't" or "should not."

What is 8 to the negative 2 power in standard form?

8^(-2) = 1/8^(2) = 1 /64

What is the fraction form for negative 1?

Negative 1 is an integer and not a fraction.

How do you conjugate bañarse in negative ustedes command form?

To conjugate "bañarse" in the negative "ustedes" command form, you would use the subjunctive present form. The negative command "no se bañen" would be the conjugation for "bañarse" in the "ustedes" form.

What is the negative form of must?

must not or the short form mustn't

How do you write negative five eighths in decimal form?

Negative five eighths in decimal form is -0.625.

What is the negative sentence of my mother has gone out?

My mother has not gone out. To make the sentence negative, the negative form of has ( = has not ) is used.